Where Can We Take You?

It’s Prom night in Geopolis!

Even Adults Need That One Big Night

Tickets are available at BrownPaperTickets


Our generation is now at the age where the next few years will be ripe with huge changes. We’ll get married, have babies, change careers, move across the country and move across the world. What we are today is only a small part of what and who we’ll be in the future… so it’s time to celebrate our fading youth with a big, wild prom themed party!

Flawless spinning, mood changing and heart breaking by CostumeParty!

You’ll throw your underclothes at The Peekaboos and Bad Bad Meow

Photobooth photography by the insanely talented Mike Borden

Event Photography by the eagle eyed wonder Jenna Braunstein

Sympathetic ear bending and concoction creating by the chronically incredible Mike Braunstein.

Admission is $5 and we offer $3 drink specials OR buy a $20 wristband which includes admission and all you can drink

Bring a nerf gun for $1 off admission and to partake in nerf gun shoot outs at the whim of Art Arredondo

$20 (and an email to Dani Fantastic) allows you to dedicate a song of your choice to whoever you want as well as to read or have one of us read a personal message. We’re only offering ten, so act fast

Our fabulous silent auction items, in the theme of nerds, jocks, preps, profs and goths will be announced on August 10th

Pizza at 11pm. Prom King and Queen and ‘Most Likely To’ winners will be announced at midnight as well as silent auction winners

RSVP with your favorite song from high school and we’ll play it. Just for you!

Get your dresses and tuxes ready and your shoes shined. Keep your hopes high and throw your caution into the wind. Prom is coming.

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